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Well-being or discovery

Relax during a wellness activity or enjoy a moment of discovery at Le domaine des fées



Horse and donkeys

30€ for two people

Departing from the Domaine des Fées, this walk will make you discover the richness of the bocage accompanied by our horse and donkeys.
Possibility on foot, by donkey or horseback or by carriage.

Animal mediation

25€ for two people

Our animals bring us a lot of pleasure and joy in our daily lives. They also prove to be excellent allies for our health.
A different universe that we invite you to discover.


25€ for two people

Permaculture is based on respect for the earth's living systems and contributes to the sustainable protection of the planet.
Come with me to learn more about permaculture.

Nature Game

25€ for two people

Si vous souhaitez découvrir la campagne environnante tout en cherchant des indices et en utilisant votre matière grise, rien de mieux qu’un Nature Game !
Armé de votre calepin, de votre sac à dos et de vos chaussures de marche vous serez prêt à avancer dans le bocage à la recherche d’une fée ayant perdu ses pouvoirs.



Therapeutic spa

30 minutes
25€ for two people

The spa with its therapeutic virtues acts on health and maintains the form in everyday life.
The benefits are varied, for example, the multiple rotating jets can help you relieve the muscular areas. An excellent moment of relaxation alone or with others.

15€ for the first person and 10€ per person to add.

Swimming pool

15€ per person

On a unique site, with a view of the countryside, you can swim and relax in this playful space. Spend quality time in the water or relax on the chaise lounges next to the pool.
The swimming pool of the Domaine des Fées will be privatized just for you for half a day.


45-60 minutes
55€ per person

The benefits of osteopathy on health are no longer in doubt.
A certified osteopath will be at your disposal by appointment.



Lynda Gillot

Thérapeute masseuse bien-être

Un ange à la peau douce

"Masseuse passionnée située à Bazoges-en-Paillers, je vous propose une large gamme de massages bien-être conçus pour vous détendre, prendre soin de vous et améliorer votre mieux-être.
Je prends soin de vous exactement de la manière dont vous le souhaitez en m’adaptant.
Les massages ont pour objectifs, la détente, le bien-être et la relaxation.
Je propose des séances ici, au Domaine des Fées pour ajouter une touche bien-être supplémentaire à votre séjour.
Mon objectif est de répondre à vos besoins de façon personnalisée et attentionnée."

Ayurvedic massage Abhyanga


Indian massage practiced on a table, the body is coated with hot oil.
Enveloping and rhythmic, it is ideal for restoring energy and eliminating tension.
Relaxation, deep muscular relaxation (recovery) thanks to the vibrations and stretching of the limbs.
Very detailed work on the back and legs.

Cocooning massage


Absolute happiness: Let yourself be transported by this massage just for you, with long, fluid, continuous, enveloping movements.
It is a cocooning massage, contributing to your physical, mental and emotional well-being.
A moment of relaxation where you will have left all the worries of everyday life behind to recharge your batteries.

Seated Amma massage

20 minutes

Amma sitting is an energetic massage that provides a deep state of relaxation and wellbeing.
Japanese massage on an ergonomic chair, dressed and without oil.
It relaxes, but does not put you to sleep, thus allowing you to resume your activity immediately..